Derma Scince Spa

At Derma Science Spa 
we use the latest technology to provide a variety of unique skin care treatments that restore a healthy, youthful glow, significantly heal acne, regulating pore clogging as well reducing inflammation and delay premature aging.

Our pain free treatments combine the effectiveness of surgical procedures and injections with all the benefits of non-invasive skin care. 

We apply professional organic and homeopathic skin products that are naturally derived and nourish your skin.
Our procedures maximize your skin's ability to absorb these amazing nutrients and use them to repair and maintain healthy skin.

​We can now perform a wide variety of laser procedures for women and men to help your skin look its very best. These are brief, virtually painless treatments that can overcome signs of aging, sun damage, many different types of blemishes, skin rejuvenating, spider vein removal, scar revision, fungus. Aerolase Cosmetic Laser  is safe for all skin types and skin colors.

We have a dynamic partnership with Dr Susan Seven-Sky 
a licensed chiropractor and neuromuscular therapist practicing homeopathy and clinical nutrition. This allows us to provide natural health care services to benefit your health and well-being. Dr. Seven-Sky has special expertise in: allergies and asthma, weight management, gastrointestinal disorders, circulatory problems, Candida, hormonal imbalance, female health issues (PMS, menopause, hot flashes, infertility), neuromuscular problems (back pain, neck pain, headaches, and accumulation of toxins/heavy metals. 

                                                    We offer free consultations. Please call us for an appointment.
                                                             We open Monday to Saturday from 10:15am to 6pm
                                                            Wendsday and Thursday we open from 12am to 8pm.

                        Derma Science Spa is conveniently located in Greenwich, CT (near exit 5, just offI-95N orS).

Derma Science Spa
1152 East Putnam Avenue
Riverside, CT 06878
Welkom to Derma Scince Spa

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A New Deal!
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MENU for Theraputic Massages and Body Care:  

  • ​Deep Tissue
  • Sport Massage
  • Thai Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Hot Stone therapy
  • ​Reflexology
  • Aromatherapy
  • ​Lymphatic draining 
  • ​Organic Body Wrop
  • ​Arthrifon -Therapy for Joints

We would like to present to you Mark A.Cuventas
Massage Therapist 

Mark say:

​Since a young age, I have been an advocate of health, fitness & nutrition. I also believe in the validity of the body / mind / spirit connection. If one suffers, then so will the others. Therefore, it is important to provide benefit & sustenance to all three. The skills I possess in massage and Gigong Technique , can accomplish this for my clients. I have been a CMT for nearly
 9 years .

  I am the embodiment of what I believe in and practice, of which you will find evident as well as reassuring upon meeting me. My excellent physical condition and exceptional mental acuity enable me to provide my clients with top notch services.

Derma Science Spa open New program for body care. We are present all different type of Theraputic Massages, as well as Body Treatments for detox, and whole body lift . We invite to perform very experience and great professional people. In the page "specials" we put more information about the deal for the Summer time. We will see you soon and we wish you to have a fantastic experience with us!
​WE are wish your LOVE,LIFE,LAUGHTER!!!