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Who can benefit from 

DETOX whole body!
help to loose wights and...

Lymphobiology treatments minimize the appearance or wrinkles, reduce dark circles, eliminate redness, puffiness and sensitivity. This treatments  have been clinically proven to be highly beneficial after peels photo facials  and cosmetic surgeries, because they help to reduce swelling, discomfort, and irritation of the skin. 

As a part of the  treatment plan, Lymphobiology can be used before and after the following surgeries: blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, liposuction, maxillofacial surgery, and mastectomy.
Discounts: 20% off for a new clients. 
20% off additional, if you invite your friend.
$165.00 - each procedure.
Ill recommended four(4) procedures or more, depended on clients needs.

 I deliver beauty services to your house.

 Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm

Please, call me or text me, to schedule for an appointment (203)763-9112

Thank you.

Olga M.


ACNE SERUM - $28.00



Lelada Organic/Botanical

European Facial 


European Facial

Include: Cleansing, Steam, Exfoliation, Extractions, Mask, Facial massage.


$135 no extraction

Dermabrasion with Epi-infusence DNA 

by Derma Sweep


Led - light therapy

Benefits: 620nm - Rejuvenate the skin by reducing inflammation, increasing circulation, lymph activity and accelerating cellular turnover, increases the metabolic rate of the cell,leading to healthier skin rejuvenation.

Acne: Help to heal active acne with Blue 420nm LED. 



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Benefits: Firm the skin, Tones the muscles, Lift eyebrow and eyelid area, Redefines the cheeks, Reduces wrinkles on the face and forehead, Reduces small wrinkles around the upper lip.

$145 each visit

Recommended Course of six - $660 /you save $210/

Dermabrasion Diamond soft tip

by Derma Sweep


Lymphatic Facial

Lymphatic facial

 Benefits: Minimize the appearance of wrinkles, improve skin tone,reduce dark circles,eliminate redness, puffiness, and sensitivity.


Combination treatments


European facial

$135 + Micro/Current $65 = $200 total 


European facial

$135 + LED $65 = $200 total


Microdermabrasion (by Derma Sweep)

$265 + LED $45 = $310 total

this is the best procedure ever you can get!!!

make you look Decade younger and your skin be amazing




European facial

$135 + Lymph draining $65 = $200 total 


Microdermabrasion (by Derma Sweep)

Soft tips

 $185 + Facial Massage $45 = $230 total 


Microdermabrasion (by Derma Sweep)

 Soft tips
$185 + Hot Stone facial $55 = $240 total


Additional treatments:

Body treatments


Eyebrow - trim  and color

you will be look very natural,younger and more beautiful!


Arthrifon - Painkiller

Joints Therapy by Arthrifon Technology

Benefits: Heal your joints, minimize your pain, restore the cells.

 Recommended Course of 12 - $65

  • LED - Hand Therapy
  • Joints - Pain Management by Arthrifon 
  • Body Detox - by using ionize filter for the feet
  • Wax - face and body


Led light therapy for the hands

Benefits: Heal damaged skin, dryness, eczema, psoriasis,

Anti - aging tightening.


Body Detox by Foot

 Body Detox System

by Aqua-vida
Benefits:Increases circulation, energy level, metabolism, PH balance, organ/gland function, sweating, physical health and emotional well-being.
Make you sleep better.

Recommended Course of 12 - $65

  • Organic Body Wrap,
  • Lympho-biology with organic product
  • Whole Body Lift by DermaSweep with VitaminC
  • Hot Stone Therapy

Lymphatic draining massage

Whole body Lymph draining Therapy

by Lymphobiology technology

 ...take a few inches after four procedure...


Recommended Course of six $780 (your saving is $210)

Vitamin C - Body Lift

Whole body lift with Vitamin C

by Derma Sweep with epi- -infusrnce

.your knee,you buttocks,belly, elbows, triceps,hand, neck, your upper back will all improve your skin condition to

amazing Decade younger looks!!!!


Body Slim

Organic Body Wrap 

with Organic product

..make you feel light and look healther...


Recommended Course of six $540 (your saving $210)

Healing therapy with hot stone

Hot stone Therapy

Benefits: melts a way tension, increases circulation and metabolism.


Laser procedures:

 Prices may  change...depending on the individual needs.


Skin Tightening
  • Face - $550 to $700 
  • Face and Neck - $900
  • Face - $550 to $700
  • Face and Neck - $900
Acne Treatment
  • Face - $300
  • Body - $450 and up


Spider Veins
  • Face - $300 and up
  • Legs - $450 and up

Melasma -  $400 and up

Pigmented Spot Removal - $250 and up

Nail Fungus - $600

Rosacea - $400 and up

Average - $500

We can make custom designed procedure.
Schedule for a free consultation.

Welcome enjoy Holiday discount for Facial 50% exp.01.01.2019

Micro Needle roller Facial $69.00

Like a therapy for your skin...



for any occasions

Birthday, Anniversary, Girl beauty day, Just a fun day, Wedding...

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