Joints therapy - enjoy life without pain!

At Derma Science Spa we use the most advanced yet simple electronic device, ArthriFon, to stop and reverse the pain of arthritis. It is also effective to treat carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia and muscle strains. Our joint therapy is safe, non-invasive, and has no side effects.


Alleviate your pain.


Reduce inflammation and increase lubrication in your joints.

Help rejuvenate your cartilage.


Make your joints function better.

Improve your quality of life.

A new medical discovery uncovered that arthritis is caused by lack of necessary blood flow to the joint and as result reduction of joint lubrication, which over time causes wear and tear on the joint's components and creates pain.


ArthriFon uses vibroacoustic stimulation to promote natural healing processes. It generates sound energy and transmits it to the vibraphones. When you apply the vibraphones around your joint, it helps to restore normal joint function and alleviates joint pain. Blood flow in the area of the ArthriFon application increases up to fifteen times! Then your body's natural healing process takes over. ArthriFon uses a special cycle of vibroacoustic stimulation that constantly changes, so your body does not get used to it. ArthriFon suppresses the joint pain and you start to see positive changes in just a few sessions. It can also slow down or stop the progress of arthritis.


There are very few conditions which can affect the quality of your life as much as arthritis or unhealthy joints. Let this safe and effective technology relieve your joint pain and reverse arthritis!



Joint pain can be due to fairly mild conditions, such as an overuse injury or sprain, or more serious traumatic injuries (dislocations), infections, and arthritis. As joints pains vary we advise you to contact a medical professional for any joint symptoms you are experiencing. Early diagnosis and treatment can minimize discomfort and reduce your risk of serious complications.