Derma Science Spa laser hair removal

Derma Science Spa offers affordable laser hair removal treatments for men and women. It works! You won’t believe you spent so much time and money on razors, creams or waxing. You will always be swimsuit ready!


Common treatment locations include legs, armpits, upper lip, chin and bikini line. However, it's possible to treat unwanted hair in nearly any area.

Derma Science Spa laser hair removal

How does laser hair removal work?


Our laser hair removal system uses a combination of energy and heat to destroy follicles without harming the skin around them. A laser - an intense, pulsating beam of light - passes through the skin to an individual hair follicle. The heat of the laser damages the hair follicle, which inhibits future hair growth. After a series of sessions, you’ll experience permanent hair reduction.

How long does laser hair removal take?

It typically takes several laser hair removal treatments spaced a number of weeks apart to remove unwanted hair.Hair color and skin type influence the success of laser hair removal. For example, laser hair removal is most effective for people who have light skin and dark hair because the laser beam targets the pigment (melanin) in the hair.


Results of laser hair removal vary greatly from person to person. Derma Science Spa skin care professionals will create the most effective treatment plan tailored specifically to your skin and hair color.

Is it painful?

Generally, laser hair removal is not painful. Most clients describe the sensation similar to the feeling of being snapped with a rubber band. In most cases, the sensation goes away almost immediately.

Is it safe?

Laser hair removal became commercially available in the mid 1990s, and has been approved for permanent hair reduction in the US by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

You can be confident that you’re getting the safest, most effective treatment at the best possible value.