Silver Biotics products

Silver Biotics

Derma Science Spa offers American Biotech Labs Silver Biotics - unique supplements and skin and body care gels, which help to support the immune system using the potent bactericide properties of silver.

Silver Biotics can be used to address various skin conditions, including

  • rashes, skin  irritations
  • skin  inflammations
  • eczema
  • acne

Silver Biotics work to heal and protect the skin from a number of infections it can get from bacteria.

The antiseptic properties of silver have been known since ancient times. Long ago people used silver to keep milk and other liquids fresh. During plagues in Europe, wealthy families gave their children silver spoons to suck on to protect them. 

Silver Biotics work against the harmful effects of bacteria that attack all parts of the body, and help to prevent diseases while promoting health and well-being.
These doctor-recommended dietary supplements can be used for the successful treatment of various health ailments and conditions as an alternative to prescription medication. They can also help with treating and preventing

  • common colds
  • respiratory system problems
  • ear infections
  • yeast infections
  • chicken pox
  • fibromyalgia

American Biotech Labs Silver Biotics has been thoroughly tested and has been shown to be safe for everyday use.